1. SimpleTom

    Couple new finds this weekend

    I got the Gilson/Wards bike at Jefferson swap meet and the Powerdyne Cougar off craigslist.
  2. Oyster Bay Man

    Some finds

    Nice set of minibike specific Tecumseh's ive picked from same shed. There's a few more in there too from what ive seen.
  3. Oyster Bay Man

    Nice finds today

    Found a nice old Clinton, a Sears Craftsman Tecumseh and the one in the middle is a Jacobsen 2 cycle. Plus a nice old exhaust. $100 for all. All have spark. Anyone know anything about this Jacobsen? A part of me thinks its not that old but it kind of does look old. The guy I bought it from...
  4. Iron Honky

    New finds today

    Got a decent coleman 2.40 today with a saxonette sachs motor. got it to pop over. Tank is rough but will clean up. Also got a Arctic cat whisker roller. Not sure whats in store for these gems. :shrug::scooter::drinkup:
  5. Oyster Bay Man

    some nice finds today

    I had been looking for another Tollitson carb in case I mess up cleaning the one on my Waffle engine. I've been searching the Web like crazy trying find one and here it is on this gorgeous old Lauson. Aint she a Beauty? In a shed since 1978 under a mountain of other engines This...
  6. Newoldstock

    Your best Online Photo finds

    I found these pictures online at a European newspaper by a Polish fellow. I liked them so much I had to share. Polish farmer in a valey someplace..... Two mothers. Broekn dreams Brain wash Breaking the ice.
  7. tomc

    scrapyard finds

    Although I haven't found a minibike yet I've been watching for parts at the local scrapyard that I visit a couple of times a week looking for bicycles and stuff. I robbed these off of a mini "crotch rocket". Check out the disc brakes, The sprocket is very small , as is the chain , which I failed...
  8. Iron Honky

    New nanza and rupp finds today

    Went to a fellow ghettonecks house today. Some of you guys might know Leon from windber( 11yrs and counting he has went). He isnt a OldMiniBikes'er but one hell of a nice guy. Went to his shop to pick a nanza but found another treasure he sold me for peanuts.
  9. tippycanoenm

    cl finds in the desert

    i know one is a cat.............what about the other two......
  10. markus

    The latest finds

    Pickin's been slim, There have been a couple of great bargains earlier this month that I simply could not go and get but I did manage to pick up these 2 on a run up to our place in Ocala and just got back last night. A really beat Montgomery Wards XE525 and a pretty nice Trail blazer...
  11. markus

    OK finds

    end of the month so rents due and the calls came in. I just zigged zagged the state and am up in Ocala for the night and will head back home in the AM. I shot over to Orlando area and picked up a CT70 beater/project and then back on the turnpike up to near the Garlits museum and got a little...
  12. slywilliez

    The small finds are the best BIGGEST finds

    I was only craigslist a few week ago ( NO, im not on there all the time :out: ) And I came across a set of mini bike wheels add. I click on the add and very quickly think it is just some junk wheels and right before I click off I see something very interesting. The bolt that makes a 90 out of...
  13. O

    Arkansas Hoarders Finds

    I bought the contents of a house and came upon these. Every step you take in this house has something under your foot.
  14. boatguy

    Swap Meet Finds

    Did our largest swap meet today and found some goodies. First was a Little Indian Spitfire with mags, original sprocket and spacers and tires. Also picked up a couple of Briggs motors--a 4hp and a mint hardly used 1960 2hp.Also found a new 4in Carlisle double indian head slick and rim. All in...
  15. boatguy

    Swap Meet Finds

    Went to the ALL FORD meet at Chelsea Mich this weekend and picked up a Ruttman Toad frame to re-sell, an original Little Indian wheel and Carlisle double Indian tire and a nice Ruttman Spider roller which has been partially stripped and is a straight piece--all in all a good weekend--6 hour...
  16. yankee-bears

    Heald Super Tryke finds

    My brother and I bought 2 Super Trykes today . First is a single seat model that has a 18 hp.Briggs 2 cylinder on it . Needs front fork straightened and is ready to go . Second one is a 2 seater STX model . It needs a motor , torque convertor , seat upholsterd and lots of work . Boy these...
  17. trailramdan

    Swapmeet finds

  18. Frank Davis

    Bonanza finds

    These are my recent Bonanza finds....not real sure of the correct model or year, but good bikes both run good....the BC? has a torque converter and really pulls!
  19. 1

    2 Generators CL finds

    Hello again all from my garage lol, well gents and ladies I found 2 items on CL that i was not looking for but it seemed like such a good deal that i coouldnt let it pass. Cutting to the chase I got 2 generators for the CL seller both were not running at the time and from what the seller has...
  20. Valocalrep

    Late night Finds

    Never seen one in person but i want it 1972 Nighthawk mini bike