Nearly complete MTD Flying "O" ugly duckling.

I'd like to sell it whole, is complete except for the clutch cover center stand which are missing as are the brackets as well as the muffler but the S pipe remains everything else seems to be there. Has original gold painted minibike specific slanted intake/exhaust Tecumseh H35 missing the cable boss that screws onto the linkage but that's not hard to remedy. Has V-Plex driver and driven unit the driver is free and slides off the engine the driven seems like it would come off easily with some patience the clip remains on the end of the shaft which is loose in the jackshaft bracket and the secondary sprocket has some teeth missing. Brake seems fine tank retains it's original outlet but has been painted, needs to be cleaned up and painted or polished out since it's plastic. Forks are not stuck. I want $200 for it picked up in OKC only.

I will consider parting this bike out if there is no interest in the whole thing but I'll give it some time, please PM me only about this bike. Thanks