Need advice on Center stand return spring mounting

I've built a center stand for my Trail King and need advice on how to mount the stand return spring that will allow full extension as well as a tight retraction up against the bikes frame?
While it sounds to be simple, there are angles of the spring extension and mounting points for the spring attachment to the stand as well as the bikes frame.
I've looked for close up,clear photos of other bikes and scooters and they are very few and in-between. Many of the bikes use a specifically shaped "dog-Leg" bracket for the spring but there are no close up photos.
Have you made a center stand and mounted the return spring with success? Photo's please if you have any to share.
After I built the center stand I needed an idea for a "stop" which I was able to fabricate. The spring retractor is now the issue.
Too close to the pivot point and the spring will allow the stand to flop around. Too far back and there is no practical way to mount a very long spring.
Many of the factory built stands use a bracket of some sort to compensate for this problem.
Rob, If you attach a disc to the pivot point of the center stand then add a stiff leaf spring mounted to the frame that pushes against the outer edge of the disc, flat areas can be cut into the disc that will hold the stand retracted or extended as the spring drops into the flats. I would send a photo but it is difficult with my computer experience, sorry! This gadget would be called an indexing cam?
I think I get your meaning. Mount a post off-set on the cam that has the leaf spring always under tension pushing on the post with enough movement to allow full extension of the spring without bending the spring out of shape,but be strong enough to keep the stand folded up against the bikes frame.