Need cat hustler parts and inputs

New proud owner of hustler in need of parts. Looking for a tecumseh engine for this. Doesn’t have to be mint or correct but vintage look is a plus. Also coming to terms that I’ll never find correct seat and sissy bar for this and looking for ideals and inputs on alternative. Thanks in advance Doug
914-494-1288. I prefer texting BAC931E4-9395-410E-86F6-A83E952F9CD4.jpeg
I built a fiberglass one-of seat pan for mine, as well as a sissy bar that incorporated a frame mount. It took a long time. What is your current engine? It came with an H35.

Hi Dave it currently has a boat anchor 3.5.
Incredible job on the seat. Greg from LI told me about your seat and how many man hours you had in it. Thank you for pics every little bit helps.
nice find and a rare bird! Never had the hustler, but I had the equivalent with the jcpenneys duster. The sissy bar is a difficult find, but not impossible. I used a Honda sissy bar for mine and with a little bending and alteration it worked well. I have seen, since I built my bike, there have been other members here that have repopped the sissy bar. So with a little searching here you might get someone to let their repop sissy bar go to a good home. Anther tip is to get a jug of evapo-rust to soak all your chrome pieces in. It works wonders and is a safe rust remover for that Cat chrome. You have a cool build, keep us posted it progress. 54DE8F3A-9009-4389-A841-314D10547BC1.jpeg