Need parts. What is the bike and engine

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That's fantastic! I appreciate the brochure! It was originally white and blue . Somewhere there's a picture...

Where would I find the intake manifold piece that is broken in the picture? Also the intake gaskets?

I tried looking up the engine at jacks small engine but it didn't work.
I've done well so far, I have gotten the correct intake pipe and a new kill switch/button. The carburetor housing flange had been damaged and is not usable. I have another one that looks to be identical that came from a 5hp B&S engine. These are diaphragm carburetors. The original minibike 3.5hp Tecumseh carb has 187 6H18 stamped on the mounting flange. The 5hp B&S has 187 6F13 stamped on the mounting flange. Is there a difference in jet size for a 5hp vs. 3.5hp or other internal difference?