Need you advice on this TAV drive belt


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I'm new to asymmetrical drive belts. I rode 48 miles yesterday in the high desert and climbed some serious Mesa's. The heat coming out of the plastic drive cover was impressive. When I went to do maintenance this morning on the bike I took the TAV apart ( comet clone) and noticed the drive belt shows the signs of high heat wear.
The belt is now 3/4" ( .75 inches 28 m/m ) wide as it sits today. The flat edge ( engine side) shows a rough,almost burnt edge. The belt is down to a cord. The bevel edge is also showing high heat wear and is starting to de-laminate. ( yes it was put on right)
I'm sure the belt is Chi-Com made. My clutch and driven pulley are aligned at rest.
Is the belt toast? Does a 60 buck American belt make it worth the price? Do they last longer?
What have you found is the best lube for the variable drive clutch for they way I drive?

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Clean it really good with brake clean. Then polish both faces of the clutch that the belt rides on. And then do the same to the driven too. The driven can eat a belt fast too. And do not over lube a little is better to much makes a mess of the whole setup. I have a old TRI-ROD the driver and driven were both rust and ridges it ate the first belt in 5min. I then took my sharpening stone and cleaned both of them. Then I use a buffing wheel on my die grinder and buffed it to a nice smooth shine. That is the old original one they do not make anymore I now have a big one on as I have a 1" shaft on my 10hp. Rust and dirt will eat belts found that out years ago on the RUPP my boys had. It makes the driver and driven rough and eats belts. They had a dirt track I setup in a field it was just dust from them riding on it.
Well sir the old adage you get what you pay for is still true...but that being said belts are belts...a rock, a slight misalignment, anything that can find its way into it; will....I find comet belts..$20-30 range hold up best and do not stretch as quickly as most others...I do have an acquaintance that runs only fan belt from local auto stores...idiot...but it works for him....2-3 a year...not worth the hassle of changing them...just my opinion....


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We have what I think is an original TAV 30, asymmetrical belt, Comet brand on our Whirlwind. Once a year or more I disassemble it, clean it, and polish the faces on a metal lathe. The parts are held in a mandrel. It gets brake cleaner and dry moly lube, Crown brand, per comet recommendations. The belt gets replaced every 4-5 years with original equipment. We check the driven spring against a back-up spring for weakening.
I guess I would try a proven, good belt and increase the routine maintenance. You could spin the parts on a drill press.
I use a YouTube video for review sometimes.


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I just bought the dry graphite lube and it clings like paint,which is good. I'll shop around for a belt, Bates is good,but not 60 bucks good.