Needing advice for headlights on coleman ct200u!

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I have a Coleman ct200u and I've been wanting to put headlights on it, and I was wondering if anyone would have any suggestions for what kind a headlights I could put on it? I'm kinda of looking for something that comes in a kit, or It could be any kind of light(could be a extremly bright, easy to mount flashlight) but it has to be bright enough for riding in night. I'm just looking for suggestions for something that can be reliable during night riding or any ideas.
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The LED battery powered kits sold in the bicycle section of your local Target or Walmart are really bright and fairly cheap. They're also really easy to mount. has a slew of offerings as well.
I use the Cree 5000 lumen one (ebay) , very compact , 3 light levels and way bright ! Comes with battery pack that velcros on the frame and the light uses a rubber band style mount to clamp on the bars , rechargeable and very long run time , $25
Check out light kits for bicycles, especially mountain bike oriented lights. I use an older lezyne superdrive light on mine that is about 5 years old but it puts out a lot of light and batteries are small and cheap.