New Asuza for sale in PA

I just put this bike together. It is the last one I'm "clearing out." The roller was brand new, but had ugly paint. I wet sanded it and did a respray in Daytona Yellow. Thanks to Rustomleum, it still has what I call ugly paint. Everything is brand new except the motor. It was a low hour Briggs 3.5 that I installed a pull choke carb, hidden kill switch, straight header, go kart throttle linkage, and billet pull start. This motor was on my Cat 300X that I just sold rolling. It really does run and ride well.
The only thing the bike needs is an air filter as I am short on housings right now, and a rider. $250 picked up in Pennsburg, PA, 18073. I will ship it, but I'm a little burnt on shipping after my recent Ebay purging.

If I get my asking price, I will pay a supporting membership to the person that Hent chooses.:thumbsup: