1. trinik7597

    Asuza frame

    Asuza frame $50 plus shipping
  2. trinik7597

    10" asuza wheel

    10" asuza wheel with tire $40 shipped text for pics 845-505-2198
  3. F

    Anyone Fit a #40/41 sprocket on a Asuza Astro??

    So I'm trying to fit a 40/41 sprocket (40 Teeth preferably) on a Astro wheel .. Currently i have a trail horse hub but I'm unable to find a sprocket for its size -.-" Welcoming Any advise
  4. T

    Asuza minibike kit issues

    I have a problem with a welded bolt rubbing against the sprocket. The bolt that holds the fork of the brake assembly. Its like its just too long. I was about to shorten it but before I did I wanted to see if anyone else has had this issue. Is there an easier solution that cutting the bolt?

    NOS Taylor Muffler, Asuza Forks, 12" Slick

    N.O.S. Taylor muffler with box. I've only seen one other perpetually listed on ebay for $200;, I'd take that shipped or $45 plus ACTUAL USPS from 49442. Asuza forks (if not they measure out to that...
  6. Marlinmate

    6" Asuza Tri-Star Rims 3" - used

    Quantity of 2 6" Asuza Tri-Star Rims with 5/8" bearings Rims are 2 piece Used but in good major gouges $45.00 plus shipping
  7. teltech2020

    Asuza Build

    I picked this Asuza frame up at a yardsale last week. It looked like it might make a fun project for my son and I to tinker with and at $40 I couldn't pass it up. So far We've modified the handlebars a little and ordered a 6.5hp engine from Harbor Freight. I also ordered a heavy duty clutch...
  8. buckeye

    Asuza right?

  9. minibikin'

    Asuza Hexstar 5x3.50 wheels

    One pair of Asuza Hexstar wheels. 5"x3.50" Couple scuffs on the lips. No cracks and seem to spin well. $35 for the pair plus shipping.
  10. mnbike

    Asuza bike project

    Rolling frame, with new seat and brand new Predator 6.5 hp engine still in the box. No time to work on anymore....need cash....$250 firm...prefer local pickup, am in Davenport Florida
  11. mnbike

    asuza band!!!!!

    Hey guys Need help with putting on band brake on my kid's asuza had one before and I guess I didnt pay attention to exactly how it was on there......I do know how to put it on...what I am having trouble is getting to stay on the anchor screw(that is what is on the asuza frame) and I...
  12. painted Azusa frame

    painted Azusa frame

    painted Azusa frame
  13. painted Azusa frame

    painted Azusa frame

    painted Azusa frame
  14. painted Azusa frame

    painted Azusa frame

    painted Azusa frame
  15. painted Azusa frame

    painted Azusa frame

    painted Azusa frame
  16. metalhead100

    Azusa spelled Asuza in photo gal. title

    Mini Bikes & More - Old Mini Bikes Photo Gallery Azusa spelled Asuza in photo gallery title ....had to check myself ....thought I was wrong and I own one.... Hey Admin.........:laugh:
  17. Square_Chopper

    Asuza bike, 5HP Briggs

    I'm just finishing this bike to list on CL for sale. Thought I would offer it here first just because. Asuza frame, 5" tristars, handlebars bent forward, suede finish on frame, metallic and clear on forks, 5hp Briggs, fresh carb, shrouds freshly painted hammered finish. Frame was...
  18. zaskar14

    Asuza Build

    Azusa Build Done with the assembly of my Minibike. This is my first minibike and I am learning some of the tricks. Thanks to all, I been in the OldMiniBikes Blog since April of last year and have learned a lot. Azusa Minibike Kit with 8" wheels Tires (F + R): Carlisle 4.80 X 8 Snow Hog's 16.3"...
  19. Frank Davis

    Original asuza tri-star wheel set

    This is a set of original 5" asuza "tri-star" are included.....this also has the drive sprocket....clean em' up and use them on your project vintage mini bike......125.00 plus shipping.
  20. minibikin'

    New Asuza for sale in PA

    I just put this bike together. It is the last one I'm "clearing out." The roller was brand new, but had ugly paint. I wet sanded it and did a respray in Daytona Yellow. Thanks to Rustomleum, it still has what I call ugly paint. Everything is brand new except the motor. It was a low hour Briggs...