New flat tracker

This bike is modeled after the super Powell, with similar geometry .
The frame is 1 1/4” .065 chromoly. Suspension front forks off the super Powell a long with the brakes . Rear shock is a fast ace adjustable unit.
For power I went with a Barry Young alcohol 224 cc predator. All I can say is it’s to much and has been pulled off and my built Honda is on it now . 5701B049-6D98-43A7-8512-6916B697DD83.jpeg F272FD14-3F0C-40A4-8425-170DF58C6A7B.jpeg 7E0ED841-A930-4A00-A425-5624644216AD.jpeg
Just kidding looks like a real runner. Let us know how it handles. What was the issue with too much power? Did it tend so slide out?
It’s been built for a few months and I’ve had it at lucedale Mississippi where we race . Yea she comes out the turns totally sideways and spinning down the straightaway. Was really hard to control.
Now in the 300’ drags it gapped everyone half track . And I had 75 pounds on some of the DB’s running.
I’ve got my Honda back on there now for the next race .
Gonna build another drag bike for that alcohol motor . I gotta say Barry Young can make unreal power . From peak hp at 7100 she only drops 1/2 hp at 9000 . Never seen any engine do that :


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nice david, I see you finally got around and posted some pictures....

you really need to bring your bikes to symco if you really want to see if your bikes are competitive. not much to race against in lucedale Mississippi with only a handful of bikes there to run up against. circle track racing looks to be at least 30+ bikes entering and the number could be higher and for the drags there will be over 100+ bikes for sure entering that. Wisconsin just to dam long of a drive for you to get here.