New Guy Here Saying Hello…Hydrodiped Today

Guess I should say hello since I’ve jumped in on a few threads and enjoying the info
I’ve dabbled in mini bikes and go karts for years.

Still a kid at heart…
The mini bike hobby is becoming addictive as I had no idea the number of different models, makes etc…
Like anything I want one of each dammit….(grins)

So my latest project is still in mock up…It was time to hydrodip some parts. ( Fan shroud, brake caliper )
This scoot is carbon fiber themed…black and silver….that’s it…

I’m no pro at dipping but getting better, wanted something different.
A bit of a learning curve but happy to help if interested.

Anyway thanks for looking, this bike is evolving, just wanted to share an idea….
My shroud dip got boogered up, I’ll redo it

7DD75BAF-BBDD-4FC6-AFBD-24A2DABF0A04.jpeg 45B0D528-D265-4D08-8073-7BA0CCA91D8A.jpeg
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How well does that hold up to wear and tear….
It’s basically paint that’s printed on a water soluble film. You paint the part you want to dip, spray activator on film that’s in your water tank 1 minute max. and then dip while the paint is still within the recoat time. After you dip you clear coat. Lots of YouTube videos on the subject. They make it look easy. Also you must use only specific type of paint. I use hydrographicfilmsupplies on eBay. Guy is very helpful, lots of cool films
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Looks very cool….sounds like a pain in the ass!
Appreciate that….yes it can be especially when it screws up. You strip it and start over. 3 dimensional items are tough. Your dip tank water has to be 80 - 90 deg as well, so timing it all is a bit stressful.

Also forgot to add when you paint the item it has to be 3 thin coats before you dip. One thick wet coat and the film runs. Once you get the hang of it it’s fun.

One last thing…if you have it done it’s expensive. I was quoted 140 for that shroud. I got 5 ft of film and a can of activator for 25 and change
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