New guy with question about the Scorpion from Spidercarts.

First, hello from Atlanta, GA. I have been looking for a project to fit come certain parameters and needed some advice. I have a rusted Chinese two-seat dune buggy that I want to chop down and graft onto either a Baja mini bike frame or a Baja ATV frame. I'm thinking of building a trike because I'm looking to build a maneuverable vehicle that can move in pastures and light trails and make tight turns at low speeds. A reverse trike looked like something cool to build and the Scorpion from Spidercarts looked like just the ticket. Is that a relatively stable design? All I see on the net is one with two large ATV tires in the back but I cannot find any reviews on how they perform. I was going to use a 6.5 Predator with a Series 30 torque converter on it, but I don't want to fab up something that feels like I'm driving a three-legged stool. Anybody have some input on these or other reverse trike ATV's? Thanks Scorpion reverse trike.jpg