New Member-Muskin Dune Cat Project

OK, So I've neglected this thread for a while- But I have need to wrap this project up.

First let me start by finishing off the build thread.

I found some cool 3m rubber texture tread in a grey color and made some some step pads where you'd have to step climbing in and out of the cart. I also put some were your heels would rub when you're riding the cart.

ALSO this covered up my one bad spot I had in the paint job- so that was lucky!!!!!

I installed my brake and throttle linkages. I cut the solid brake linkage and built in an adjuster to fine tune the brakes. I realized pretty quick with the solid linkage bar, a little long or a little short can be too much or not enough.

I got the chain on and the motor mounted- used a nickel plated chain- I don't mess around enough with these mini-bikes to know if that makes for a better chain or worse chain, but I put a lot of effort into making this thing look pretty, so a "chromey" chain was a no brainer for me.

built a little mounting bracket and hooked up the throttle to the pedal to my liking. Very solid linkage, not too complex, goes when you tell it too, comes back to position perfectly.

I'm sure there are better ways to hook this up- but I had to just improvise without better knowledge- I just put throttle clamps on either side of the linkage- seems to work.

Improvised an antenna mount for a safety flag- growing up in the oilfield I've personally had these tall flags (required on most all oilfield vehicles) save me from a collision on a roller-coaster road more than once.

oranged up my homemade "super turbo" air intake scoop.

Mounted the fiberglass body and seats (an integral process, the bolts mount through the bottom of the cart, and into blind nuts in the seat)- It makes it easy to remove the bolts from the bottom, but I had to make sure that- after tightened- the bolts where not so long that they protruded through the plywood seats more than about 1/4 of an inch. Worked out perfect. I also used some layers of foam yoga matt sandwiched in between the frame and body to create a cushion and hopefully keep the vibration from wearing on the fiberglass.

mounted my pedals.

Then we tried it out.

As far as performance, this cart is going to be kinda gutless with the centrifugal clutch, and would need an install of the original clutch system to be a screamer. It was my kid's first time trying to drive, and he just couldn't bring himself to drop the hammer and get the motor up to RPM. I tried it but found I was just a little too heavy to have it perform well. I also realized the throttle needs some adjustment to allow the motor to reach full RPM . We ran out of time and gumption and parked it back in the garage and haven't messed with it since.
So here's the deal. I find myself having to sell this cart. I know this is the wrong part of the forum to do that, so I plan on starting a separate FOR SALE thread, and will link it back. My (soon-to-be) wife and I just got back to NM from an 11 day trip taking her daughter to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, and it's not the end of a whole lot of medical bills that are rolling in, and I also had just made another large purchase that I'll get to in a minute.

Apart from the quick test drive, my son has not really had any opportunity to drive this cart, which sucks. There is some consolation as I've purchased a 1964 Cushman Trailster as a replacement project. He's a great sport about all of it and says he really just likes to learn stuff with me, which makes me tear up just thinking about it.

The Trailster takes up a lot less room in my shop, which is important as quickly need to make room for my recent purchase-

Smtihy CB-1239 #-1 Lathe/Mill Combo

Also, I have this that I will be listing on here and trying to sell.

Honda CT70- clear title.

Please let me know if any of you have any interest in buying this Dune Cat or the Honda Scooter. I won't go into numbers on this thread, but I live in central NM and am willing to deliver these to the Arizona, Colorado, or Texas border for the right price and cost of my gas.
This cart is still for sale in the classified section.
It really must go soon and I REALLY do not want to have to put it outside in the weather. I'm open to offers that will send this to a good OMB home. Open to partial trades, especially firearms. Sorry to mention this stuff here on the build thread.
Hello All, This cart did not sell last time (I think I was asking $2000 for it then), and I just have had it stored in the corner of the garage ever since. This cart is in the exact same condition (except a mild layer of dust). I have moved onto about a dozen other projects since then, now half of my stuff is for sale as I have busted a seam in my shop and just can't get everything back in there.

I'll be listing it in the classified forum, and locally on Craigslist. Hope the mods are with me posting this here in the build thread.

This time it really must go, and if it doesn't sell I'll be listing it on E-bay with a no reserve start-at-zero auction. Hope all is well with the OMB'ers, and I hope this cart ends up with a good OMB home.