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Just wanted say hello and great site.
Had a few mini bikes and go karts growing up in the 70's as a kid, those were the days.
A few months ago I was given a mini bike from my wifes uncle, he's in his early 70's and its a Fox trail fx. He had purchased it brand new and been sitting in the basement for over 45 years he did ride it. Its all original down to the tires, I gave it a nice wash added a fuel filter, gas and it started. Put air in the tires and took it for a ride, my son said i had a huge smile.
The back tire has a small leak and i was surprised that the lights still worked. He did give me box that had a new carburetor in it and i will post a picture of it. Hopping to learn more about this mini bike. 20190610_203959.jpg
Welcome to the minibike madness. Awesome bike!
Thank you, let the madness begin. I ordered tubes for it and thinking of changing the throttle cable. Any tips on preserving the seat? Its in great condition with no cracks or rips I was thinking of using automotive products but don't want to be sliding on the seat.
Welcome. This is a great site. Lovely bike with nice family connection.
Thank you, it is a great site and friendly.
What my wifes uncle had said to me back in 1969 him self two of his cousins and two friends purchased the same Fox model on the same day. He said they were running around the Town like mosquitos. He said there's a picture of them on the bikes, he needs to find it and i will post it.