New tires and a paint job.

Mini Bike & Go-Kart Parts

This is my 2006 Tomberlin Firehawk that I customized for the 2013 build off. I just got some new 21x7-8 tires and a 72 tooth sprocket. There are a couple things I am cleaning up, plus adding a new air cleaner.

It has seen lots of desert miles. 2 weeks ago it was scooting around the sand dunes and I use it as my pit bike when we race. I co-drive a turbo s RZR in long distance desert races. Got a 250 mile race coming up in October, so I want the bike back together by then. Plus I want to get the mini bike out in the woods for the elk hunt that starts on the 3rd.

I just started taking it apart tonight, but here are pics from the last time I took it out. And a shot of the race car too.
55EA6A0E-8694-4D34-B039-B4538CB3F972.jpeg B02EAED0-F232-41E6-B244-6B84B1F2DB3E.jpeg D54120BB-BFFE-47F6-ACDD-49BED7F90790.jpeg 7E4DB702-1D7D-4317-9156-E75512708FCF.jpeg 709D9C37-1310-4D65-B0D1-F8DB7EC34EB8.jpeg
Going back together.

In addition to paint and tires I added some extra foot pegs, a little further back. New brake pads, chain and a 72 tooth sprocket too. I also mounted a large air cleaner to help keep the air fresh. It has a double element filter and uses a cyclonic action to help remove dust. It is what you would normally see on a bobcat or other piece of equipment. I bought it awhile back for a buggy and ended up going with a larger one on the buggy.

I don’t have a pic of it mounted yet, but it goes in front of the engine. You can see the mount in the pic. I should be taking it for a test ride tomorrow I hope. 927F2E76-486D-45CF-A9DE-291F75008F42.jpeg B64C2BA0-3DBA-42E5-BE9F-1DD5319D1AC6.jpeg
Ok been out test riding. A couple issues I need to deal with. Of course I need the chain guard and TAV cover.

The huge air filter is not talking to my carb like the little uni did. Gonna have to dig into the jetting to get that right I think. Runs great when I disconnect the filter.

I want to add a bend to the intake to reposition the carb so I can use the new pegs without my leg touching the pipe. Doing that will take some of the bend out of the rubber 90 degree fitting too.

The kill switch isn’t working.

Overall I’ll be happy with it once those things are addressed. E428A037-2C0A-4371-BDFB-1D9168744061.jpeg AE84F2CA-9892-40B2-B457-B5CCD9259695.jpeg A6872BC3-ED0A-4674-8C5A-327E76BE2D51.jpeg