new to the site (again)

wanted to post a hello and a big thanks to all the great info on this site. my names Nate and have a couple of mini bikes I'm messing around with, have an el tigre that's complete and had an easy life it seems, and what I think ive finally identified as a byrd "duck" which I found as a frame and forks, with a little work its coming back together, ill attempt to get some photos up. a big thanks to eric at OldMiniBikes for some great help in getting me on the way to a rolling duck, hope to draw from the well of knowledge here, new to minibikes had a go cart as a kid but always chased a mini bike, better late than never. making new scraper brake linkage and pedal (original badly bent) and attempting some exhaust with fishtail style tips, worked on cars for years new to mini bikes,