1. R

    new to the site again, progress on bird mini bike

    just waiting on the seat from upholstery, some pics of what I started with and how it turned out. runs great and was an enjoyable build, Eric from OldMiniBikes was a great help. ready to find another !! made the scrape brake, exhaust, exhaust brackets, rotated the predator tank 180 degrees and made...
  2. P

    Hey Guys new to site - I'm a Murray Man!

    Looking for Murray stock tires?:confused: Anyone have some they want to unload?
  3. P

    Hey Guys new to site - I'm a Murray Man!

    New to forums too, Anybody know where the tutorial is on how to use?:doah:
  4. R

    new to the site (again)

    wanted to post a hello and a big thanks to all the great info on this site. my names Nate and have a couple of mini bikes I'm messing around with, have an el tigre that's complete and had an easy life it seems, and what I think ive finally identified as a byrd "duck" which I found as a frame...
  5. William CB

    Hello all finding lots of good information on the site 750 my Gote

    Trying to find out any information about this tote Gote the blue paint looks like it's original but I have a man I will find another 750 that's blue SN 340
  6. S

    OldMiniBikes site having problems?

    Hi, is anyone having problems with the OldMiniBikes site being extremely slow to load pages? It is taking several minutes for each page to come up for me. I have a couple friends having a similar problem with it. This is the only site I am having problems with - everything else I look at loads...
  7. J

    Seems to be some angry forum cops on this site.

    When I post a message it seems the angry forum cops come out and tell me. I committed a crime because I posted a message that is not 100% correct dealing with the topic. Apparently these folks do not like to have any fun. What's the point in having a forum if you can't have any fun?:ohmy:
  8. R

    Hello im new to this site!!!

    Im excited to become a part of this group building and restoring minibikes.. I hope to enter at least one of my projects in the 2017 build off....
  9. minibikegi

    I dont want to be a member of this site!

    I no longer want to be a member but cant seem to find how to do it?
  10. Duckie92

    Newbie to this site(:

    Heyy! I've never worked on a mini bike before and i got one for free in a go kart trade a did last month. Think it was just sitting in there back yard since the bolts and rims are pretty rusted. I'm usually on DIYGoKart because i know alot about go kart and small engines but not chinese engines...
  11. Aston jag

    I can't view videos on this site

    When I click to start a video I get "about:blank" on the URL line. I' using an iMac. Does anyone know what I can do to view videos?
  12. mlanzoni

    New look to site is great.

    I like the new look to this site !!
  13. O

    New Member... Great Site!

    Hi folks, Wanted to introduce myself and say hello. I'm currently building two DB30 Doodlebugs and have an old Manco Go-Kart waiting in the wings. Ill be sure to get a thread going to document the progress, but thought I'd post here first to get the ball rolling. Thanks, Jon
  14. W

    New site member

    Hello, I'm in Minnesota and new to this site. I have been a riding motorcycles for most of my life. I'm getting older so my bikes are getting smaller and slower as well.
  15. Aston jag

    What a great site!

    I just joined this page tonight. I had a minibike fifty years ago and for some reason I want one again. I don't know what make mine was, but when I bought it, it had a Mac 6 on it with direct drive, no clutch. It was geared so that one had to ride it very fast just to keep the engine from...
  16. C

    New to the site.

    Hey all i am new to the forum. Really interested in help with my projects, and also sharing what knowledge i have with you all. Thanks
  17. S

    hi new to the site

    I live in Minnesota and have been looking for a coleman, attex 5.30 on craigs list not much luck any on this site thanks
  18. O

    New To The Site

    Hi all, brand new to the site, I tried to post an introduction with details and pics, but the post was denied. So here we go again, had a few bikes over the years, but just got a vintage old frame bascially so will be build it, have started already, frame is ready, and welded for blasting and...
  19. B

    Newby to the site. I have a Heald, couple quick questions

    I have just purchased a Heald. Runs and drives and is all there except the clutch cover which I understand is hard to come by. It says Trail bronc on it. It has 21-10-8 tires and not stock engine but I have the stock one. It's either an 8 or 10 Tecumseh I believe. Quick questions. What if...
  20. Fatboy04

    What are these ? (Bought these site unseen)

    Bought these site unseen, my boy picked them up today. What did I get ? THANKS for the information in advance.