Newbie here with a runner now


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Hi, new here.

I picked up what I believe is a Bird in a local classified:

Part II.

It ran but would not rev to save itself. I played with the carb & got it running right, put a usable filter on it because the old one looked like MUD and just came apart in my fingers. Can you buy the foam that goes in these old ones? It's a 3HP briggs.

The fuel tank on the 3HP was leaking and the screw on cap seemed to have become one with the tank and just spun inside the tank, so I took the tank from a non-running 2HP powr kraft (a briggs) and the cap and put that on.

Wired it all up and spent literally 4 HOURS riding around my neighborhood!

Then I built the beginnings of a chain guard... more on that soon.

What fun.

Just thought I'd share

Thanks for looking.


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Really nice ride! I recently finished a build on the same bike. Took a bit of an untraditional turn with it but hey...we have them to enjoy them right?
Yes they still sell those air filters.. Nice little bike man.. :thumbsup: The original chain guards on a lot of bikes like that looked about like an inside out bicycle chain guard.. Pretty easy to replicate... :shifty: Minus chrome.. :doah:


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Thanks for the replies, yes it's totally original minus the throttle cable as far as I can tell. The motor parts I used were from the same vintage so it's close enough for me.

The tires are cracked but holdin air.

I may paint it & redo it soon, but for now, she's goin to the karting races with me & my daughter to be a real-deal pit bike at the track.


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More on the saga... turning it into a themed thing... LOL

That thing on the front came from the fiberglass back end of a quarter midget... Probably put a mock mini-gun in it or something... then add some ammo cans on the back for saddle bags. :grind: