1. Heidle

    Rebuilding Mini Bike

    Hey guys, so this is my first time posting on here. I'm currently rebuilding my Hisun motor from my Coleman CT200 and I was wondering if I should get rid of the plastic camshaft gear soon. It just seems very sketchy to me to have a plastic camshaft on the motor. Here's a list of mods I have...
  2. C

    Newbie mini bike guy with questions

    Hello all, I'm contemplating buying a mini bike for restoration or buying a brand new kit as a winter project for me and my sons to work on together. Vintage bikes seem to bring more money than the readily available new kits that I'm finding. Are there any pros or cons to buying a new kit...
  3. B

    Louisiana Newbie

    Hey folks, I will be starting a project soon. I think it's a Pinto or Sprite Bird frame, can't tell much difference by looking around the internet. So I came upon the forum and said " I'll be needing these folks", so here I am. Thanks for having me!
  4. KingCobra

    Newbie in Florida!!!

    Ok, I was here, then I left and now I'm back and thought I better check in before I get railroaded by a herd of mini bikes :001_tt2: Originally from Kalamazoo, Michigan I got smart and landed in Florida in 1993 and later in 1997 I found land I liked in and built on it 20 years ago. Well, I love...
  5. 4

    Aloha newbie from Hawaii

    My youngest son wanted a motorcycle. I told him if he saved enough money he could get one. Well he was on his way to saving the monies to buy a used $800 dirt bike. Before he got to his goal I convinced him to get a mini bike because I think it's easier and safer to ride. Well my older son saw...
  6. O

    Newbie from MI

    Hi everyone, new guy hear from Detroit metro area. Been lurking for a couple weeks, figured I'd post. Never messed with mini bikes before, but the local scene has motivated me to build something. I normally stick to full size bikes and old cars. I picked up a cheap DB30 that I won't mind...
  7. Mrknobblies

    Newbie question

    This afternoon I was removing the carb from a mini Baja and disconnected this part, I'm really new to all this and was wondering if someone could tell me what this part is and where it runs to. It runs to a box with 'OHV' printed on it. Sorry if it's a stupid question, we all start somewhere...
  8. D

    A real newbie from Wisconsin

    When I say a "real" newbie, I am meaning that I have made it 65 years and have not owned a mini bike (I don't even remember any of my friends owning one). My son has always wanted one and now he has bought a basket case and we are attempting to bring it back to life. The main issue we are...
  9. H

    I am the oldest Newbie :-)

    Hi, I am HVNFUN and I remember when Mini Bikes were the newest Big Thing. I even had a Rupp Store near by and had a few of them. Of course, before then, there were the Cushman scooters and yes back then, I also had a store near by. Somewhere back then, the Dune Buggy craze hit and new bodies...
  10. J

    Hello, newbie from Tx....

    Hey everyone, just a quick hello from the lone star state, retired USAF and have acquired 2 mini is called a "dirtbug" its yellow with the smaller 97cc....the second is a red DB30 with the 212cc Predator....lots of fun. Thanx in advance!
  11. J

    Frustrated Coleman CT200 newbie

    Hi Gents, Man! Ever have one of those days where you start off feeling great, best-dad-ever kind of day, and then end it with a case o' beer and a broken minibike? So I bought my kids a Coleman CT200 and after a week (today) the breaks go out. What happened was my son came in the house...
  12. J

    Atlas MB3000 newbie to forum from Minnesota!

    Greetings everyone. I'm so glad I found this forum. There is not as much information and enthusiasts for mini-bikes compared to old classic car and motorcycle enthusiasts. I have a Atlas MB3000 mini-bike (circa 1972'ish) that I had as a kid growing up on our dairy farm. It had been in a shed for...
  13. Oldschoolcool

    Newbie needs help

    I got these motors thrown in with the El Tigre I picked up this week. I'm not real sure what horsepower they are, or if any of them are worth fixing up for the bike. The 2 white engines have a pto shafts sticking out. Please help me I'd these. All comments welcome. Thanks!
  14. W

    Newbie here - can you help ID what I have?

    Recently purchased this sight unseen off Craigs. The guy didn't think it was a Bonanza, BUT doing research on the site, it's definitely a Bonanza (based on the small Bonanza ID tag on the engine plate). It's unusual in that it has a springer front end and a hard tail rear. It looks like it...
  15. T

    Help out a newbie

    Hello everyone! I'm new to the forum and to minibikes in general. I was looking to do some simple upgrades to my predator 212 for now(air filter, jet, header), at what point during my build would I need to upgrade flywheel and rod? I'm looking forward to my minibike journey!
  16. B

    Newbie needs some ID help. Thanks

  17. C

    Hell0 - Newbie from CA

    Hi, I just joined the site. So far I think it's great. I was cleaning out my parents garage and found a long lost childhood treasure. If memory serves me correctly, I think this was a Honda QA 50 Mini Trail bike. Amigo comes to mind. All I remember is having tons of fun riding...
  18. red baron


    I just wanted to say hello and I look forward to making new friends in this hobby and I see there are some very talented and creative people here. I restored a '69 Rupp chopper years ago but I don't have any photos to share. I don't currently have a minibike but I plan to have a project very...
  19. F

    Newbie with new project

    Hello: New guy here with a new project. I just stumbled on to a Super Bronc at a swap meet, after looking for years for an affordable fat-tire minibike project. I'm planning on running a Predator 301 with torq converter, but have some questions. I'll need plenty of advice so hopefully I can...
  20. HarleyJJ

    newbie with a dumb question

    Going to look at this this weekend, Can someone please tell me what exactly I am looking at. Thanks!