Newbie with a roller frame in good shape!


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Picked this up today, putting a Predator 212cc on it, hence the pictures. Fits it great because the top bars are so widely spaced. It's a fairly large mini bike and has some neat removable handlebars (see pics). Unfortunately, the handlebars are slightly bent/creased, so I may have to make a new set and weld them onto the threaded bases.

Any insight? The frame has a "Made in Taiwan" marking on the engine mount plate, and it's obviously been modified over the years (extra frame holes, random mounting points, pegs welded on, etc.). It's got 0 rust though and has front suspension and the rear seat suspension (which I may change if it's not original as the seat isn't the sturdiest design ever). 60 tooth rear sprocket for 40/41 chain, and a disc brake mechanism. The tires are simply marked "14x6" and are in rough shape, any good replacements?

Mini Bike Side 2.jpg
Mini Bike Side 1.jpg
Mini bike Front 1.jpg Mini Bike Rear.jpg
Mini Bike Fork 1.jpg Mini Bike Fork 2.jpg Mini Bike Fork 3.jpg

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Some info: "DELTEKS were created by using frames from another Taiwanese manufacturer and adding the Victa 125cc engines only.
These were distributed in Australasia via DODWELL TRADING CO"

I think these are the same frames that Eric (OND) is talking about -- Effenel. That were all Taiwanese made frames and were normally assembled here in the US.


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Interesting! The frame looks slightly different (cutout engine mount plate vs solid one and narrower top tubes) but I would bet it's just some annual variation of it. Happy to have an idea of what I've got my hands on!


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Does anyone have any idea what all the attachments at the front of the frame would be for? Nothing comes to mind.

Also, when I took the front wheel off the front suspension forks sit at an angle, meaning i have to twist them to get them to be straight if i want to put the wheel back on. Is that normal for a front suspension bike?