When you're in need of a professional powder coating expert, look no further than Rusty Lions. NJ residents call on us to complete their projects at affordable powder coating costs.

We've been a fast and reliable provider of powder-coating solutions for more than 20 years now. We've helped clients across NJ with a range of finishing and refinishing services for domestic, commercial, and architectural projects.

As a generational business, we fully understand the needs of our customers, which is why we provide them with honest and qualified services to ensure they get fair value for money when they work with our professionals.

Powder coating is the perfect way to protect metal and non-metal surfaces. Our skilled team can work even on the most oddly shaped item with unbeatable services.

Powder Coating Services by Rusty Lions
Rusty Lions offers powder coating services that are more durable and easier than traditional wet paint. Powder coatings work effectively to protect surfaces from wear and tear, rust, and weather exposure. This makes it the perfect option for industrial machinery, parts, and components that have a heavy workload.

Rusty Lions team is dedicated to delivering top-class services with powder coating, whether we work for an individual client or a full-fledged company.

When you choose us, you get hundreds of colors and textures to choose from. For more information and powder coating cost, New Jersey customers can call the certified team at Rusty Lions today at 347-613-8103.