NOS 1971 B&S Copper 3 HP engine (REVERSE BUILD)

Read exactly how the title is read.I have this engine as mentioned above. Not knowing what to match it to. Model # 8032 0015 01
serial # 7119113 Copper Color It still has all the original Tags and decals on the engine
The majority of members on the OMB forum Will have an old mini bike laying around , either in Parts or still in stages while it was trying to be built then trying to fine the correct dated coded engine.
In my case i already have this engine.So i am looking around to see what mini bikes in 1971 were available and built that used this exact 1971 Copper Colored Briggs & Stratton 3 Hp engine.Any info given will be greatly appreciated.



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Nothing, unless it was owner installed. Briggs pulled out of the mini bike scene during 1969, and were not supplying engines to manufacturers anymore for factory built bikes.

I would look for a kit or roller available bike of the time frame of course with a flat plate that has enough clearance.