not many builds with briggs inteck 6.5 ohv's.

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joshua. c.

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I keep seeing lots of threads about briggs 5hp flathead builds in this section but not many threads with the briggs and straton over head valve engines. The briggs 6.5 ohv is the engine the animal racing engine was based off of so can use all the hop up parts made for the animal. It has just as many aftermarket parts as the briggs 5hp flathead and its a far more powerful platform to start with. I have watched mildly modified over head valve engines outrun heavily modified flatheads and in my personal opinion briggs over head valves they are far better built engines than the predators or clones. I love briggs flatheads as much as anyone but don't forget about their over head valve offerings when you want more power. especially because you can snag them used at flee markets for 50$ or less sometimes. far cheaper then any predator. lets see some over head valve builds!
I think for most there's a nostalgia factor for the old flat heads and they look at home on vintage frames. Predators are super popular right now, mostly for the entry fee and output. Good for beginners who do not want to hassle with tinkering to get an older engine running again and want reasonable power. Plus they are plastered all over youtube. I personally like the look of a flathead especially on a vintage bike. But I do have a Predator on my bike, it came with the frame. I think the Predators are ugly looking engines, but I'm pleased with its performance in stock trim.

joshua. c.

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I'm not recommending people to ditch the engine they already have, I'm just letting people know about a grate option for cheep power that is way to often overlooked. I think bringing this option out into the light will be helpful to people when deciding on there next build. also over head valve briggs are newer than flatheads and have fixed jets so there is no tuning to worry about. so it doesn't take much more than a coil cleaning and a carb cleaning to get them running if they aren't running already. even new engines sooner or later need that type of maintenance. if the engine needs more than that its usually pretty clear after a good pull of the pull cord, smooth turning with compression = good rough turning and or no compression = bad.

so if you need an engine try a used 6.5 ohv briggs. good power, good value and good reliability. also as a bonus they are a beautiful looking engine.
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