Old Mini Bike Quest. - Avanti Garelli X-Bike (Mini Dirt Bike)

avanti.JPG avanti2.JPG Good evening all,

First time on this forum and hoping you fine folks can help me out! So I was recently driving around with the girlfriend and saw a gentleman with a mini bike in his front lawn for sale. The bike is an Avanti X-Bike (I'm not quiet sure, I have only found 5 pictures online lol) the bike was not running when I picked it up and the fiberglass shell has some fiberglass missing from the tail end, but for $40 I couldn't pass it up! I took it home and my girlfriend and I went straight to work. Everything checked out except for the carb that was dirty as heck and the fuel lines needed to be replaced (the old owner just finished installing a brand new spark plug). I have her running strong now and she's a blast to ride!

I had a couple of questions:

1) Does anyone have any info on these bikes?
2) What oil/gas ratio should I be running? (It is a two stroke 49-50cc)
3) When we first took the bike out we noticed that it actually shifts (two speed), is there a certain type of oil I should put into the gear box? (I'm not quiet sure as this is my first motorcycle in general!)

Thank you for all the help in advance, and I'm sure I'm gonna have more questions! lol

Thank you!
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