1. J

    Old Mini Bike Quest. - Avanti Garelli X-Bike (Mini Dirt Bike)

    Good evening all, First time on this forum and hoping you fine folks can help me out! So I was recently driving around with the girlfriend and saw a gentleman with a mini bike in his front lawn for sale. The bike is an Avanti X-Bike (I'm not quiet sure, I have only found 5 pictures online...
  2. baggedwinnebago

    picked up a baja dirt bug

    got this over the weekend. pulled the engine had the motor from my coleman project had a pipe that did not work for another project. cut re-indexed it rewels and header wrapped it it is hanging to dry in the one photo cause i found it is easier to install the wrap wet. waiting on some...
  3. Biffmini

    10" dirt tires...

    these are on my wish list! Kenda Washougal Pit Bike Tire 10" Widest Pit Bike tire available | eBay
  4. mariner12

    Best tire for kart dirt drags?

    Gathering opinions on tire options. We run a 233' loose dirt drag strip (think Street Outlaws for karts in the dirt). Most use old race karts with ATV tires. For the application I use 13x5-6 Carlisle Xtrac tires, and they grip alright. Would swapping to a Hoosier or Burris grooved 12x8-6...
  5. Chain Linkin

    Chain Linkin's - DB Dirt Racer - (Chinese Class)

    Bought this bike late last spring and added just enough bolt-on parts to have it ready for our race season (Note the paint can lid number plates with the always classy zip-tie mounts). Now that our season is finally over it's almost time for a complete tear down and proper rebuild. I say almost...

    New Guy Intro/ Me and my friends like to race in the dirt! PICS

    Hello Everyone, I'm new here! (sort of, I messed around on here about 6-7 years ago) Real quick intro: I'm 26, I work in the Coast Guard, and i live in Southwest Ontario, (Great white North) I have a bunch of random small engine stuff and multiple old cars and an old truck. I play in a...
  7. super nate

    florida dirt drags in lakeland

    roscoes ole time all motorcycle dirt drags. October 9th . we will be bringing three minibikes to race at this event, vtwin doodlebug,212 gasser doodlebug and my 390 nitrous minibike. need all who can make it to show up and race with us. roscoes events are real laid back and fun. track is...
  8. M

    Baja dirt bug carb help!

    Hey folks. Im new to engines but just got a generator, lawn mower, and chainsaw working. I now have a mini bike im trying to bring back to life. I pulled the carb apart and soaked and cleaned it out. The carb has a mix screw on the float bowl which is new for me. I pulled every screw out of the...
  9. Sixpac440

    50cc Kids Youth Pocket Dirt Bike $300

    Purchased this past spring for our granddaughter, used very little. You don't need to shift it, it's an automatic. Also comes with a strut I made to lower the bike for a youth of small stature. Everything works as it should. Comes with Certificate of Origin, Manual ect.
  10. Sixpac440

    Chinese 49cc Dirt Bike Review with Pictures

    We bought our almost 7 year old Granddaughter Rylee this Free Shipping Kids 49cc 2 Stroke Gas Motor Dirt Mini Pocket Bike Green H DB50X | eBay ... we paid $369.95 delivered, not the $1,369.95 that is now listed at. (Typo)? They are listed under several names with slight variations. DB49A...
  11. aranhawaii

    Dirt Quake USA 2016

    Anyone else here racing their mini at Dirt Quake USA 2016 in WA?
  12. PacMule

    Minibike Dirt Racing in MI. ???

    Is there any dirt racing with minis in the MI. area? Anybody doing private property grudges on minis? Chrome Wreckers were doing this in taylor area,but it fizzled out. I know of 4 racers with bikes that are still interested. So post it or pm me,just want to do what I haven't done in some...
  13. B

    My introduction and dirt drag project

    Hey guys. I think I may have posted on here before but I don't remember. Anyway, I'm Brad and I'm the owner of Brad Hill Performance. Y'all may have seen some of my work on Facebook and I know LS Customs has gave me a shout out on here about my Hemi rockers. But I do mostly engine work including...
  14. R

    Lowering a Dirt Bug

    I have a Dirt Bug that I'm going to stretch, and I want to lower. I understand how to stretch them, but I'm unsure on the lowering. Could someone explain how you lower them? I did a search, and didn't find anything. Thank you.
  15. Harleys Papa


    Wachusett Valley Riders Club - 783 Spring St. (Rte 12) - Winchendon, Ma Wachusett Valley Riders Club Saturday October 10th Practice @ Noon, Racing @ 3pm (Times Subject to Change) Mini Bikes and Trikes (if there are enough trikes and bikes we may run in separate races) $10. gate fee...
  16. Radford46

    Harbor Freight dirt bike stand

    I picked this up the other day for around 15.99 with the 20% coupon. Really,surprisingly sturdy and well welded. Kerry
  17. Slick Rick

    New dirt tracker mods!

    Here's a before shot... The bike ran good just was a little light in the front when I would power out of the corner.... So if everything goes to plan this mod should help that out. After.....
  18. ZR9B

    Cool dirt bike clip

  19. ZR9B

    dirt bikes and cops..vid

    damn kids!!! he took it like a man when he lost tho....
  20. WrenchDad

    K & S Hornet dirt cheap

    This is near the Pittsburgh area. I was thinking there was a lot of interest in these, So I figured some of you guys might appreciate the heads up hornet mini bike