Pauls karts


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Hey everyone, pretty new to this website so currently getting the grips. I'm currently trying to build a dragster on a nitro 44 frame with a Predator 212 non-hemi and just had some questions about some of pauls karts stuff. I was interested in getting his PKRPM3 cam and a head. I haven't seen much reviews of his products, just in general and was curious if anyone has bought his stuff and liked/disliked their product and why. Thanks!
For the price of his cam and head you could buy a cam, head, rod, flywheel and piston. You should plan out your build first deciding on a clutch or TQ then on size of the motor, is it going to be a 212 or bigger? Do you plan on driving it around the neighborhood or drag only? Pullstart or using a kart starter?