Perkiomen Mini bike show. Oley, PA

I plan to go Friday after work. Probably pulling in between 6-7..It’s about a 5+ hour drive for me. Is there a problem getting there after the 4pm when it ends? Is the camping in a separate area? I’m curious why it’s a Friday and Saturday not Sunday also? For those of us not retired and probably the majority going , taking a single day off makes no sense. Are stores nearby for gas,convenience? Are generators allowed?
This event is still gainaing traction and I can;t see threee days making any sense yet. Plus the grounds may be spoken for on a Sunday, I'm not sure. There are groceries, gas and other conveniences within a few minutes of the grounds...
So is the camping right there where you set up to vend? Is there electricity or are generators allowed? I’m just hoping to get there before dark Friday


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Was there for a short while.

Good turn out for the expected weather.

My boys an I rode around on the minis too see most everything then pulled the truck up to sit back and watch the grass drags.

Nice too see a few familiar faces, and spend some quality time with the boys.

My current projects are glad i didnt come home with any new