Picked theses up at a sale today...

I just purchased a mid 60's Sears run about mini bike built by Bird and a '74 MTD Trail Flite. Does anybody have info on either one of on both of these? I can't find to much out and I did search the internet. Thanks for anyhelp!!
I am 99% sure those are CAT bars I just picked up one with those bars onit, I remember those when I was a kid my friend had one new.


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@Skipp was researching something else in my saved files and thought of your bars when I came across this ad that was selling these import bikes Branded as "wild-one" . Look pretty close in bends (note the location of quick release knobs as well) If I am not mistaken, that same bike was sold by Dixie international, just badged as a Dixie. This is from a listing from earlier 1971 for the "fox hunter" model by wild-one wild one fox hunter 1971.jpg