Pics of a mini suitable for framing

Nice Robert!! Love that Trike!! :thumbsup: When I was a teen we used to ride on the side of the tracks to neighboring towns!! trespassing signs everywhere!! :no: I understand liability and all but still............
....Agree Jason. That trike is da bomb.
Thanks fellas. I appreciate that. I built the trike last month for my kids (well me an half of Windber did :anon.sml:)....i was hopeful that it would also fit adults...and man does it...What a blast to ride... now I know what Gumpit, and Harley's papa have been raving about. :thumbsup: Rick Chatten did the fiberglass and paint work :thumbsup:

The tracks are about 3 hundred feet down the street from our home....looks like you are in the middle of nowhere right at the tracks...but 75 feet either way is suburbia :laugh:
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Northern Michigan, about a week ago... after making a loop of Ted Nugent's property in the area, stopped to let her cool down...was about 90 degrees out...
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