Piston rod compression

Doing my first piston build in a Hemi predator 212 and was wondering if running a .570 piston and a +20 rod would clear the head with a .010 head gasket. Looked everywhere and can’t see about a Hemi.
You might get some general answers, but you are the one building your engine. You will need to make all of the precision measurements for your specific application.
The supplier or manufacturer of your piston and rod will be the best place to find guidance before you purchase. I would follow their advice, give them any measurements they ask for from your block, crank and head. Then, before you buy a head gasket, measure everything again.


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If the stock rod and piston were .060" or more in the hole when measured you could use that combination. You must have 3.030" clearance between the top of the piston and the bottom of the head to allow for crank flex.
The +.020" rod and +.020" pin height piston could have the piston above the deck!
Why would you change the hemi flattop .550 piston? Its already a good piece and is a flattop. with a +.020 rod it should get you close to a zero deck height. Then you need to measure the in the hole measurement and add that to head gasket thickness to get to approx .030 piston top to head deck.