Plating manual/parts/instruction Caswell

These guys have a good thing going.......when I had my Brit Bike business,I couldn't get anyone around here to do cadmium plating.So I would send out hundreds of fasteners,and would be lucky to get them all back.......let along done right!
So,I got ahold of these guys(in NY)and bought the kit they offered.I found out that this manual covered ALL kinds of different metals and tons of tips.
Have no need for this anymore,but basically this is for the guy who wants to replate stuff for a one-off project.I mean,if you buy fasteners at the hardware store,they're bright zinc.......that's messed up. So I would recommend this set-up. I dont have the chemicals for cad(copy-cad)plating,but everything else is there.You'll need a one gallon plastic bucket,the chemicals and you're ready to plate.
I think OLDSALT does his own plating,but this is pretty neat and works well.
$25 shipped via ups.