1. FunWithStuff

    How/What do you use to Polish Parts to be chromed?

    Hello! So I was wondering what methods everyone on this site uses for polishing and prepping parts. I know you you basically need to get the part to where it's nothing but bare shiny metal, but on some parts especially pitted ones it can be a tough job to do. I would like to know what tools...
  2. 1

    Chrome Plating

    Any suggestions as to who does decent chrome plating at a reasonable price with a fairly quick turn around time ?
  3. 1

    Chrome Plating

    Any suggestions as to who does decent chrome plating at a reasonable price with a fairly quick turn around time ?
  4. C

    Plastic Chrome Plating

    I have a Rupp headlight bucket for rechrome. Looking for someone to chrome electroplate it, not spray chrome in a can. Anyone know a guy?
  5. j57little

    CHrome Plating

    Anyone have a good chrome plater? By good I mean good quality at a fair price? A zinc plater would be a good thing too.
  6. P

    chrome plating

    does anyone have a platerthat does stuff reasonably priced and in a reasonabe time frame? I know haha good luck, I wanna get rolling on my roadster and need the lower forksplated
  7. Insanity


    I just stumbled upon this site and getting ready or wanting to start to restore, fix an old mini bike I had from when I was a teenager 20 plus years ago tires still hold air thought the chrome plating on the fenders and front springs is beyond help. I believe it's a Tecumseh motor will post...
  8. P

    Muncie indiana

    anyone know a guy named jimmy from Muncie that does chrome plating?
  9. Bikerscum

    NOS "Tecumseh Deluxe Spark Arrester Muffler for Minibike Engines"

    The real deal, brand new. I bought it for a project that never left the ground, time for it to go to a new home. Includes the original instructions, unused gasket, everything. Pretty much impossible to find in this condition. The plating on the muffler & brackets is great, the plating on the...
  10. Ajf

    Chrome plating rupp plastic headlight bucket

    I have a rupp plastic headlight bucket that needs re-plated. Does anyone have a recommendation for a place that re-chromes plastic and is decently priced? Thanks in advance.
  11. mrpat

    DIY Zinc Electro Plating

    I was just reading an article on do it yourself zinc plating. It seems like it is very inexpensive to get up and running. My thoughts were to possibly sand blast and zinc plate some nuts, bolts, washers, and other small objects on mini's to keep the corrosion away. Does anyone have an interest...
  12. P

    roper plating

    can anyone recommend a plating shop to re chrome parts on sears roper thanks
  13. paulhew

    Chrome plating

    Has anyone prepped there own parts prior to chrome ?, or have experience dealing with chrome platers and pricing. I have a lot of parts for rechroming and want to cut costs to a minimum. These guys have some pricing info. I know nothing about them but gives you an idea. The Plating...
  14. dw1973

    Chrome plating in SE Michigan/Toledo, OH contact info wanted

    Can anyone provide a chrome plating business contact number for SE Michigan/Toledo area? Also, would like to get an idea on what parts cost to chrome plate as this will be a first for me. I picked up a couple of Skat Kitty's today that need the chrome redone.
  15. creia

    I found a good chrome plating company (So Cal)

    Awhile back I posted a question to members asking for a referral, however only received one reply. After calling and visiting a few, I finally found one that turned out to be very good, and fairly reasonably priced.:thumbsup: They ended up chrome plating some Sears Roper handle bars and both the...
  16. creia

    Looking for chrome plating company referral in SoCal

    I'm hoping that one of our local OldMiniBikes group members (e.g.,San Gabriel Valley, San Fernando Valley, North Orange County, East San Bernardino County)can recommend a specific chrome plating company that they have worked with and been happy with the results and customer service?:confused: I've...
  17. W

    HS50 Cylinder Plating

    Has anybody had their cylinder plated with Nickel Silicon Carbide. I'm thinking of trying this.
  18. mc73cromags

    Chrome plating

    Anybody from tri state new york, new jersey, connecticut know of a place that does chrome plating at reasonable rates? Any body had it it done? what did it cost? Thanks
  19. J

    Plating manual/parts/instruction Caswell

    These guys have a good thing going.......when I had my Brit Bike business,I couldn't get anyone around here to do cadmium plating.So I would send out hundreds of fasteners,and would be lucky to get them all back.......let along done right! So,I got ahold of these guys(in NY)and bought the kit...