please read the description.....

I always put on a larger valve cover. It gives me about 50cc's.

I also use the red loctite on my head bolts. I get at least 20 lbs more compression and torque.
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I have a push mower with no muffler and the air filter fell off, does that mean its a 42 inch 16hp now?

I'm gonna take the wheels off it tomorrow and make it a zero turn
Lol wow that must mean my 212 are over 300cc my custom header is fat and my carb is jetted up and my tav really made it run good and then there's the flywheel and 26lb springs and all the timing and my custom coil but my ported/polished head probably brought the cc's back down a little
Hey, now! My heroes here had a powerful machine. All 302 cubic inches and 135 bhp of it (if the street was wet the rear wheels would even break loose).:2guns:
You checked the right boxes a 75 could be ordered with a 460. I'm not much for big blocks or fords but their 460 always impressed me even in the smog killer era.