Powell challenger help

Hi i am the owner of 2 powell challenger mini bikes.
One is an A model and the other is a K
Looking for help on the years of manufacture. And any other specs.

Hey Paul post up some pics of those Powells you have ...when you get a chance.

Here's what I found :
1357 A was built around March of 1967 and came with a 3hp Briggs engine

6099 K was built around 1971 to 1972 and came with a 4hp lighted Tec engine...May be a Super Challenger but not for sure.

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Paul...thanks for posting the pics , and you've got some very nice starter bikes....heck you have almost all the original parts. :thumbsup:


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It's a children's game where you match 2 cards. I had saw the ad with a photo of serial# and an hour later saw your post with the same number. Don,t mind me I,m just crazy. Nice bikes:thumbsup: