Powell Challenger rear brake

Hello all,

Getting all my parts together for my build. I picked up a Powell many years ago and built it for my nephew and now he has moved on and the mini bike worked its way back home. So this time I wanted to build it correctly and keep it for myself. Attached is a pic how I got it back. I’m in need of few parts.. rear brake assembly, engine mounting brackets, shifting arm and top rubber shifting stop. Thanks Mark 257C55E2-D9D9-4DFE-9CA9-48CEB4A0C494.jpeg 19513F1B-6C29-4864-B087-136C0035D3BD.jpeg 097CA899-6321-4244-9746-D8390A2412B3.jpeg 257C55E2-D9D9-4DFE-9CA9-48CEB4A0C494.jpeg
I have an un assembled Powell in really nice shape that needs a seat and motor. LA Craigslist or hit me up. $800 obo and comes w some cool collectibles. I would love this to go to the right person. Too many projects and not enough interest here.