Powell Help needed

I am looking for some help on a D model Powell. I need a throttle cable and need to know where to purchase a belt for the Torque Converter. I am also in need for the spring that works the rear brake. Thx...


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Do you have the original throttle? If so, you need to uncrimp the cable from the gear rack and pull that cable out. Then you can use a standard cable and crimp it back in. Harder than it sounds, but I did it...and all I have is a hammer and screwdriver!

I sold my Powell a while back, but I went to Napa for the belt! It is not like a regular TAV belt


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Are you sure you didn't go for the wine and food. I have 2 OG belts the bevel on the inside of the v is pretty close to the new belts. Although your standards are way more atmospheric like than mine, what's the difference besides the inside bevel? And who is your napa contact?:thumbsup: