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My Buddy out in Cali sent me photos of his finished Powercycle, I had talked with him a year or so back about one, didnt know what he was up to till now though.

Came out really cool, Kev has really good taste (well except for maybe making friends with me, can't all be winners :p) and very interesting collection of bikes!!!!



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Wow, that's cool. If I saw that in it's rough form, I would think home-made. What year is that @markus
technically, it is "homemade". Not real sure the history of Kevin's, he travels to a lot of the Scooter and motorcycle shows held in the US looking for the not so common cycles to redo. they plans started in the mid 50's for them. can see them here: https://www.slideshare.net/zebratwo/2532773-suitcasepowercycle-v2

Is it a brake, as well?
Yes, band brake, and while I am not sure if his is run this way (I see the cable) the other side was the "clutch" engagement (belt tension) in the original plans.


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Saw it at Joes Mini Bike Reunion. Very nice piece , I actually think it was a top two mini . The other was more a motorized bicycle that won .

Cool! yea he said he was getting it ready for a show. I think he had just finished up a Luther as well and that may have been there? My cell phone kinda went bezerk last time I was talking with him and I lost some info so I am not sure.