Powerdyne rail chopper

I picked up this Powerdyne Rail Chopper roller about 3 or 4 weeks ago of Craigslist. I recomoved the tin splash guard someone had attached on the frame and filled the holes. I broke it all down and cleaned the chrome the best as I could. The rear fender is supposed to be chrome but it was pretty bad underneath the old paint. I took it over to a friends shop and had him blast and paint it. I just got it back yesterday. The gold messinger seat was pretty ratty so I rattle canned it with some gold paint for vinyl. I think I'm going with an h30 for the power. I also got rid of the Fox front tire and may have a line on a powerdyne rim for the front. For now I'm just going to use a Manco/Arctic Cat rim as it looks somewhat similar. First pics are from the Craigslist add. 00t0t_aEkusFBqlnj_1200x900.jpg 00g0g_gnkYc87DKYg_1200x900.jpg 20170126_094515.jpg
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I like the look of the painted rear fender. Really ties the overall look together a little better than overdoing the chrome.