1. D

    Powerdyne/Rupp Hybrid?

    Hey all, Just looking to get some insight in to what this bike could be. The current owner re-painted it, and is under the impression it is a Powerdyne Cougar. But I can't find any Powerdynes with that gas tank(looks to be exactly the same as the Rupp Roadster). The swingarm is eerily similar to...
  2. T

    Powerdyne Vintage Mini Bike

    Powerdyne Vintage Mini Bike On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Powerdyne-Vintage-Mini-Bike/202809269941?
  3. T

    vintage mini bike powerdyne

    vintage mini bike powerdyne On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/vintage-mini-bike-powerdyne/233237587189?
  4. PowerdyneLacking


  5. PowerdyneGap


  6. gammatg


    Picked this up today. I know the wheels are Powerdyne and I've searched the ol interwebs and can't find anything powerdyne that looks like this. Any thoughts? Also this guard came with it.
  7. 1968 victor

    wanted powerdyne 6" front wheel

    hi, i have been looking for one of these for awhile to finish a powerdyne mini bike project i have. if this is something you might have for sale please let me know. the picture shows two wheels but i only need the front one. thank you.
  8. T

    Powerdyne rail chopper rear fender

    Hello. Needing a rear fender for my next project, including the bracket from bottom of seat to fender. I have other brands of parts to trade or cash. Thanks in advance.
  9. gammatg

    Powerdyne rail chopper

    I picked up this Powerdyne Rail Chopper roller about 3 or 4 weeks ago of Craigslist. I recomoved the tin splash guard someone had attached on the frame and filled the holes. I broke it all down and cleaned the chrome the best as I could. The rear fender is supposed to be chrome but it was...
  10. 1

    Powerdyne Falcon

    Does anyone have any Powerdyne Falcon pics,literature,brochures,etc to share ?
  11. V

    Whats this powerdyne supposed to look like

    Picked up a powerdyne what model is it and what is it supposed to look like.
  12. cheezy1

    Powerdyne gas tank

    I am posting this to try and help a OldMiniBikes friend out and his class. They are in the Build Off and need a Powerdyne tank like in the pic below. It can be painted or chrome. I have put the word out in the Michigan community also. Any help for the kids would be great...not looking for free....but...
  13. Davis

    Powerdyne cougar gas tank wanted

    If anyone has a line on one of these please let me know thanks!
  14. smudvapor

    WTB Powerdyne Parts and Literature

    I am looking for parts for the bike shown below. I really need a gas tank, front fender with mounting bracket and the torque converter cover. I am also looking for a parts manuals, exploded views, etc. I will buy it or you can scan and send to me if you don't want sell. This bike is going to...
  15. smudvapor

    Powerdyne Mini Bike

    I bought a mini bike off of craigslist today. It looked like and was advertised as a 1970 Rupp Enduro. I drive 5 hours round trip this morning to get it and come home and it turns out that it is a Powerdyne. Is there any information on these? It looks very complete accept for the gas tank...
  16. Iron Honky

    Decent powerdyne front rim and tire

    I have a decent front powerdyne 6"rim and tire. Only asking $35 plus shipping.
  17. G

    3 Project Bikes For Sale, 2 Ruttmans & a Powerdyne Chopper

    I have several mini bikes and projects for sale. Too many projects and not enough time. Older 60's early 70's USA made Ruttman with 5.5 HP Honda motor. New tires & has clutch set up but needs throttle fine tuning and brake set up put on. Green with black seat $395 Older 60's early 70's USA...
  18. R

    WTB : Powerdyne rail chopper

    hey guys! i am in the market for a power dyne rail chopper or similar mini chopper! let me know what you got with pics! thanks
  19. JohnnyTillotson

    Powerdyne Chopper Project

    Traded the Power Bee 500 Rookie Kart trainer motor to my friend who has had this chopper rotting away in the bushes for years. Had to cut thick vines off it to even wheel it out. Got her all apart and started cleaning and a' strippin'. Those aluminum Stellar wheels...
  20. JohnnyTillotson

    Powerdyne Chopper

    But is it ALL Powerdyne? I can not find a pic with forks like this nor with a foot brake. Its got LIMTCO wheels which are definitely not for this bike and the sprocket is on the other side with no jack shaft... Whats going on here!!?? All that said this thing is...