Powerdyne/Rupp Hybrid?

Hey all,
Just looking to get some insight in to what this bike could be. The current owner re-painted it, and is under the impression it is a Powerdyne Cougar. But I can't find any Powerdynes with that gas tank(looks to be exactly the same as the Rupp Roadster). The swingarm is eerily similar to my 1970 Rupp Roadster as well, but looks to be original. The owner also informed me that the motor on it is a 4hp Tecumseh. Any information would help! Thanks! powerdyne cougar.jpg


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That is a powerdyne, its the 1500 version with the flat plate (so it could fit a medium frame 5hp engine originaly). I agree the tank is probably a modded Rupp,

So I ended up taking it off his hands. Turns out that it is indeed a Powerdyne Cougar, with a Rupp gas tank. It’s almost funny how similar the frame is to my 70’ Roadster; only real difference is the motor isn’t angled, and the swingarm doesn’t have the brake slots. It definitely needs some work, but it’ll be a cold winter in Chicago... C64683AD-EFFF-4EC7-9055-062B717B15D7.jpeg