Predator 212 head, order now, only 2 left.

Hello everybody,
I think the seller shot himself in the foot by not including
"GX200/clone" alongside "Predator 212" in his description
of that shiny devil...If you OND or if you 65SC or anybody get time tell
us why it's worth that and what will it do that a $300 head
can't do? Is it mainly for alcohol go-kart racing-motor compression ratios ?
Maybe Harbor Freight will come out with a knock-off.HAHA


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I was being sarcastic about the hoses and bolts. The listing is pretty ridiculous with "custom" preceding every feature, but not even the valve sizes or flow numbers are mentioned.

If you OND or if you 65SC or anybody get time tell
us why it's worth that and what will it do that a $300 head
can't do? Is it mainly for alcohol go-kart racing-motor compression ratios ?
Value is entirely subjective; I can't speak to that. I can postulate as to why somebody would use one.

Billet heads, assuming they are well-designed, have thicker decks for better head gasket retention and more potential to be milled. They typically can accommodate larger valves, ports, and flow than a cast head. The chamber can be whatever size and shape is desired. It's a practically a clean where all the shortcomings of a stock design can be addressed, which is why I'm always disappointed to see a billet head with a bathtub chamber and inline valves. At least it looks like they had the sense to use a 10mm spark plug.


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for the kind of money your going to spend on this. you would think they would post more info on the valve size,cc's,size of the intake and exhaust runners..etc.....
Charles said he was going to flow one of these and see what numbers are. right now the intake runners size is about 28mm and the exhaust 25mm and there is really not much more you can open it up with out a lot of rework if you are looking to gain big HP out of you small block.
I caught your drift right away,65SC! Strange that a company producing the head would have such
a bogus description. I couldn't find it anywhere else but see that PRO QUID makes other small
engine parts. delray thanks, just how much compression ratio do serious racers achieve with a
billet head?
I don’t see an advantage for it over a well ported cast head on a stock sized motor. A belmit head flows 150+ cfm. A 13 CI motor can’t use that much flow potential. I would think that the new head does have potential on a larger stroked and sleeved open motor. On a stock size I would expect soggy bottom and midrange power. On the pictures I have seen the intake opening looks larger than 28mm. Are you sure it’s 28mm?
Thanks! Ports look real nice with a generous short side. 28mm is about the max for a stock sized motor looking at that one I woul like to try one. Without the extras they are $599.00. He neglected to state the valve sizes or did I miss that?


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nothing said about valve size unfortunately. but from just looking at the video Charles posted the intake valve has the machine out dish in the valve and I know the 32mm valves I have gotten are machine out like that. I have note seen 28mm 's like that yet. not the ones I have gotten.
so ole school me on this, just guessing that head is design for a lot of velocity. small runner compared to the valve size opening? if indeed that is a 32mm valve?
No 28mm runner is about the max for a 13ci motor. Would need to be a max effort motor or better a big bore. A 28mm tube with a proper radiused entry can flow 145 cfm @28”. (Cd = 1). Velocity could be great on a flowbench @28” but if motor can’t use the flow actual velocity running will be low. Hope this makes sense.


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yes it does....

lets say we ran a big bore in a small block clone. for example 2.850 to maybe just under 3.00 bore.
with the right cam and all. would a 28mm carb work well on the head?