Predator 212 questions..


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Hello all, for my general knowledge… about the motors..
just got a free predator 212 motor in a beach cruiser..
going to create a tandem board tracker with this motor.. I’ve done it before with a 49cc 4 stroke..and turned out great.. ..
My questions are:
Taking out governor does the create a possible over reviving and possibly destroying the engine..? .. I don’t plan to open throttle it just a casual riding along the boardwalk with my wife..
Also do I need to change the flywheel.. ? I want to add a head light.. can I use the original flywheel or do I need one with magnets ..? To work I haven’t taken off original flywheel as of yet to see if it has the mounting holes for the coils or magnets inside the flywheel..
I ordered a mikuni 26 mm carb as they worked well in the past and I’ve got multiple jets already..

From the looks of it. I think it’s a non hemi 212cc predator motor 2019

Thanks in advance for you inputs.