predator 212

  1. J

    White smoke building up inside valve cover after new parts I put in a billet rod FIRE265 cam Champion rocker arms 26lb springs After putting in these parts smoke builds up inside valve cover when I rev
  2. C

    mbx10 frame questions

    what is up everyone, I recently started working on an mbx10 that I had from when I was younger. unfortunately, it has sat outside under the elements for the last 8 years and is going to need a complete rebuild. I am currently in the process of removing all of the rust from the frame but I had...
  3. J

    Question about black mamba cam for pred 212 (non hemi)

    Ive been looking at a few cams some including the FIRE265 HOT265 some dynocams and then I stumbled upon a site named "small engine cams" the black mamba and black mamba jr and they seem pretty sweet I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with these cams and how well they perform...
  4. Blur781

    Valve spring lock fell in engine

    I've got a predator 212 gov removed and some other mods, well I purchased some 18lbs valve springs and as I'm putting the first one on one half of the valve spring locks falls in the engine. Will I have to pull the side cover off to access where the cam and piston in to find it or pull off the head?
  5. M

    Predator 212 will start but revs really high with wheel spinning

    I start my predator 212 which has no governor a vm22 on it and a straight pipe. I have a 115 main jet in the vm22 and the air screw put 1.5 turn out. When I start it starts turning the back wheel really fast good thing I have it proped up on a wood box. I also am not even touching the throttle...
  6. S

    Gear Ratio

    Hello everyone I’m new to the forum and still kinda a rookie on mini bikes lol, I have some knowledge just not too much. I put a doodlebug db30RR with a stock cylinder head 212cc predator together and it runs perfect it has a vm22 Mikuni clone carb and it has arc billet aluminum fly wheel and...
  7. M

    Predator 212 on baja

    Okay guys, so I removed the governor on my predator 212 and put a new aftermarket carb and air intake and it won’t start tried cranking it 15 times. Any suggestions?
  8. K

    Need help with “new” used mini bike

    Hello all, I purchased a mini bike off market place. The guy didn’t know much about it as he got it in trade for a job he was doing. From research I’ve decided it’s a Baja warrior 200. It has a new predator 212 swapped in it and when I opened the clutch cover I found a torque converter. The...
  9. Jblack0884

    Trailmaster mb 200 charging Coil

    I recently swapped my stock Jiang dong engine for a predator 212 got everything else hooked up with out a hitch now my charging Coil must not be working because my headlight doesn't come on what could it be.?
  10. Sativalynn

    Predator 212cc

    For an engine upgrade, the predator 212cc is what most of you recommend right? Bout to swoop one before Cali outlaws em. TIA
  11. G

    Predator 212 motor not running unless full choke and full idle

    Hi there, I have installed a torque converter kit, air intake, and exhaust on my predator 212 for our coleman mini bike. We also installed the new jet into the carburetor (stock) that came with the kit. After the installation we could not get the bike to run unless we had it at full throttle...
  12. 661_Minis

    Piston to valve clearance

    Hello, I’m currently building a 212 non hemi and have ran into some issues with my piston to Valve clearance.. I aligned the cam dots and put the side cover on, put in my pushrods and spun the engine over and my piston is hitting the valves, I personally think my pushrods are way too long (...
  13. Mrtodd

    Predator 212 questions..

    Hello all, for my general knowledge… about the motors.. just got a free predator 212 motor in a beach cruiser.. going to create a tandem board tracker with this motor.. I’ve done it before with a 49cc 4 stroke..and turned out great.. .. My questions are: Taking out governor does the...
  14. 661_Minis

    How can I measure spring install height

    Hello, I will be installing 26lbs springs in a non hemi predator and would like to know how can I measure the spring install height without any special tools? Thanks
  15. 661_Minis

    10.5 to 1 compression ratio on a predator 212

    Hello, I’m building a predator 212 non hemi and need advice on achieving a 10.5 to 1 compression ratio, how much should I shave the head? I haven’t measured how deep the piston is in the hole yet because I already took the whole engine apart and I’m waiting on my ring compressor and other parts...
  16. M

    Predator 212 Help! Gas mixing in the oil

    Good afternoon, Just reaching out for some help for some probably self-inflicted problems. I have a stock predator 212 bike and stupidly leaned it against something unstable. It fell completely over on the air filter side and was there for probably 30 minutes and a ton of oil ran out the carb...
  17. After a Cruise

    After a Cruise

    Azusa 10hp and coleman bt200x when it was stock
  18. Coleman BT200x

    Coleman BT200x

    Predator 212 swapped Coleman BT200x
  19. BT200x


    After a ride
  20. G37 and BT200x

    G37 and BT200x

    My G37 and BT200x