predator 212

  1. K

    Need help with “new” used mini bike

    Hello all, I purchased a mini bike off market place. The guy didn’t know much about it as he got it in trade for a job he was doing. From research I’ve decided it’s a Baja warrior 200. It has a new predator 212 swapped in it and when I opened the clutch cover I found a torque converter. The...
  2. Jblack0884

    Trailmaster mb 200 charging Coil

    I recently swapped my stock Jiang dong engine for a predator 212 got everything else hooked up with out a hitch now my charging Coil must not be working because my headlight doesn't come on what could it be.?
  3. Sativalynn

    Predator 212cc

    For an engine upgrade, the predator 212cc is what most of you recommend right? Bout to swoop one before Cali outlaws em. TIA
  4. G

    Predator 212 motor not running unless full choke and full idle

    Hi there, I have installed a torque converter kit, air intake, and exhaust on my predator 212 for our coleman mini bike. We also installed the new jet into the carburetor (stock) that came with the kit. After the installation we could not get the bike to run unless we had it at full throttle...
  5. 661_Minis

    Piston to valve clearance

    Hello, I’m currently building a 212 non hemi and have ran into some issues with my piston to Valve clearance.. I aligned the cam dots and put the side cover on, put in my pushrods and spun the engine over and my piston is hitting the valves, I personally think my pushrods are way too long (...
  6. Mrtodd

    Predator 212 questions..

    Hello all, for my general knowledge… about the motors.. just got a free predator 212 motor in a beach cruiser.. going to create a tandem board tracker with this motor.. I’ve done it before with a 49cc 4 stroke..and turned out great.. .. My questions are: Taking out governor does the...
  7. 661_Minis

    How can I measure spring install height

    Hello, I will be installing 26lbs springs in a non hemi predator and would like to know how can I measure the spring install height without any special tools? Thanks
  8. 661_Minis

    10.5 to 1 compression ratio on a predator 212

    Hello, I’m building a predator 212 non hemi and need advice on achieving a 10.5 to 1 compression ratio, how much should I shave the head? I haven’t measured how deep the piston is in the hole yet because I already took the whole engine apart and I’m waiting on my ring compressor and other parts...
  9. M

    Predator 212 Help! Gas mixing in the oil

    Good afternoon, Just reaching out for some help for some probably self-inflicted problems. I have a stock predator 212 bike and stupidly leaned it against something unstable. It fell completely over on the air filter side and was there for probably 30 minutes and a ton of oil ran out the carb...
  10. After a Cruise

    After a Cruise

    Azusa 10hp and coleman bt200x when it was stock
  11. Coleman BT200x

    Coleman BT200x

    Predator 212 swapped Coleman BT200x
  12. BT200x


    After a ride
  13. G37 and BT200x

    G37 and BT200x

    My G37 and BT200x
  14. J

    Modified Stage 2 Predator 212 Hard to Pull Start and Mikuni 22mm Running Rich

    Hey all, I have a Predator 212 with a header, billet flywheel, billet rod, hot-265 cam, 22mm Chikuni from gopowersports, and 22 lb valve springs. The flywheel has 34 degrees advance timing. I just put together the engine a couple days ago, rode it for about 30 minutes, went inside, and then when...
  15. Dakotaman

    CT100U, 98CC Questions....

    Since is down right now, I've been on the search for something on par with their power-up kit for a coleman ct100u, specifically speaking a header pipe that routes under the seat and out the back and an aftermarket K&N style air filter, though all I'm finding is parts for...
  16. 09thirteen96

    Throttle lever & Vent filter ?

    I have 2 quick questions. First, is my predator engine gonna be fine without the linkage lever? By fine I mean is it going to stop me from making future mods? I took my bike to a shop for help connecting the throttle and when I got it back the lever was no longer there but the throttle is...
  17. Throttle Assembly

    Throttle Assembly

    Predator 212 Throttle Assembly top pate
  18. Throttle Assembly

    Throttle Assembly

    Top plate throttle assembly for Predator 212
  19. E

    Predator 212 Swap on Baja Dirtbug - engine vibrations

    So I swapped a Predator 212 onto a Baja Dirtbug and it runs great. Used an engine mounting plate and it fits very tight but fits and works. But the engine shakes so bad at 1/4 - 1/2 throttle. It shakes so bad that it throws the chain. Any idea why this could be? I read that it could be because...
  20. TDB

    DIY predator 212 clutch cover/clutch guard

    I went out for a nice ride after I finished swapping a Predator 212 onto my mini bike and ended up shredding my shoe on the exposed clutch.. no bueno. I looked a little bit online for a clutch cover but I didn't see anything that I really liked the look or the price of, so I thought what the...