Project 225cc (With Photos)


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Not many mini bike shows or places to take them out around my area so I am just showing off my project over the last year and half and wanting to get some feed back from people.

This is my first mini bike altho wanting one since I was about 5 years old.

I enjoy tinkering around with them in my down time. Just finding little bits and pieces I can play around with and customise, modify or upgrade it in some way for performance or just visual.

I have almost run out of ideas or things to do to this little beast.
I intend on getting the seat redone in a double stitch diamond pattern with yellow thread and and some point get the frame powder coated a slightly nicer/brighter yellow.


•New grips.
•New brake line and bigger caliper.
•light controls. (Headlight, tail light, indicators left,right)(brake light switch hooked up to brake leaver)
•GPS Speedo with custom stainless steel mount.
•tachometer/hour gauge/temperature gauge, Custom stainless steel mount.
•indicators with stainless steel mount.
•mud guard. (Stainless steel)
•custom foot pegs.

Fully built predator 225cc motor.
•Billet rod.
•Flat top piston.
•Light weight flywheel .
•Super fire 275 cam.
•champion rockers
•Aluminium racing push rods.
•26LB valve springs.
•Over sized valves,
•Intake 28mm exhaust 27mm
•Port and polish intake and exhaust ports.
•Head shaved 40thousands
•Custom exhaust (port matched).
• 26mm flatslide Carby (Port matched).
•billet valve cover
•pulse pump.
•catch can.
• ignition system.
All electrics wired up by an auto electrician. 12v relay, blinker relay, inline fuse. (Key has to be in and turned on to run motor and electrics)
•rear tail light, also brake light and indicators. Custom stainless steel mount
• road tires.
•Torque converter with the juggernaut driver.
•customised torque converter cover to fit juggernaut drive.
•Aftermarket rear sprocket and chain.

This thing is a lot of fun and will easily get me (75KG) moving over 100kmh with ease and is surprisin IMG20231018144115.jpg IMG20231018144131.jpg IMG20231018144205.jpg IMG20231018144218.jpg IMG20231018144226.jpg IMG20231018144316.jpg IMG20231018144235.jpg IMG20231018144246.jpg IMG20231018144324.jpg IMG20231018144350.jpg IMG20231018144404.jpg IMG20231018144816.jpg IMG20231018144832.jpg IMG20231018144836.jpg

Thanks for reading . ✌️