1. Heepster97

    Help! I'm new and need advice !

    I am I contact with a guy that has a Tote Goat for sale. He is asking $550. I know these can be a beast of a mini bike but is it worth all the hassle with the extra sprockets, bearings, chains and such or am I better off with say a Coleman CT200U-ex and do a predator 212 swap. I weigh 280 so I'm...
  2. 09thirteen96

    Throttle lever & Vent filter?

    I have 2 quick questions. First, is my predator engine gonna be fine without the linkage lever? By fine I mean is it going to stop me from making future mods? I took my bike to a shop for help connecting the throttle and when I got it back the lever was no longer there but the throttle is...
  3. Out with the old and in with the new

    Out with the old and in with the new

    Out with the Motovox 79.5cc and in with Predator 212cc
  4. Motovox MBX 11

    Motovox MBX 11

    Motovox MBX 11 after Predator 212cc engine swap.
  5. Motovox MBX 11

    Motovox MBX 11

    Motovox MBX 11 after Predator 212cc engine swap.
  6. Motovox MBX 11

    Motovox MBX 11

    Motovox MBX 11 after Predator 212cc engine swap.
  7. BruceTheCat

    How long should shaft bolt for predator 212 be ?

    Hey there Im rebuilding my mini bike and I have a torque converter and I lost the bolt that goes into the engine shaft. know that the bolt is a 5/16 24 but i don't know how long it should be for a torque converter set up. Does anyone know?
  8. Wheel Gun

    Predator 212 question

    Predator 212, Any way to get a charging for a 12 volt battery from one of the HF engines? Wheel Gun
  9. R

    Do you use a bushing between clutch/engine for Predator 212 on Coleman CT200U???

    Hello... Hoping someone here might know the answer and be able to help out... Just had my engine on my Coleman CT200U die off on me. Got a Predator 212 to put on it. But the drive shaft on the Predator is 3/4 inch while the drive shaft on the original Coleman engine is 5/8... I guess they built...
  10. Cornishrooster

    Need help with predator and inverted intake w 22 mikuni carb.

    Hi erbody need some help here. When I fire up the engine it starts at half throttle, I can give it gas without it dying but can't get the throttle to go down. Maybe I need to put smaller jets in it, the mikuni has the stock jets in at the moment, 100 and 15 pilot I was lead to believe that with...
  11. Baja_brandon96

    Doodlebug Predator swap....low top speed?

    Hey all! Forgive me for being spotty in my postings, i have rather poor internet here in camp. So after getting my Doodlebug running well, i enjoyed it for a bit with the stock 97cc engine. Was quite reliable, and easy to handle. Struggled with inclines, but it had a respectable 27mph top...
  12. Mrknobblies

    Harbor freight- Predator engine coupon

    For anyone interested, just found this coupon on their website. Valid till the end of the month. Pretty good deal!
  13. C

    New MonsterMoto with predator, could use some input please.

    Hello all, I recently purchased a used monster moto 80 with the predator engine swap already done. I had a chance to ride it with my daughter over the weekend and have a couple questions. First and foremost I ordered the CVT kit as her legs were too close to the chain and the clutch got wayyy...
  14. M

    Predator smoking on start-up

    Hi everyone! My predator 212cc engine has been smoking (white) on start-up since the last few days. (It goes away when i turn the choke off). I was wondering if this was dangerous or just what is going on with the engine. Other than that it runs just fine. Thanks in advance!:laugh:
  15. chrisr

    Lifan vs. Predator

    I was looking at the HF Predator 13hp engine and I found that Home Depot had the Lifan for a cheaper price and what seems like a better warranty. The Lifan not only has the manual and electric start, but also the 3 amp charging system, whereas the Predator doesn't. Anyone try one of the 13...
  16. D

    First start on 2nd hand non hemi Predator

    The chassis is all back together on Project Baja MB200 GC and time to start the engine. The engine is a non-hemi R210-111 from HF that came with the project and not original to the bike. It looks like brand new out of the box minus the muffler. I ordered the OEM muffler and gasket off the web...
  17. CarPlayLB

    New/Used Predator 212 HEMI wanted in SoCal

    Anyone in SoCal have a new or used Predator HEMI 212 in SoCal? I need one that is unmolested and complete, but can be used...or even blown up!
  18. M

    Predator mods

    i am looking for a Cam, A Rod, and a Flywheel. Hemi Predator. I am looking for a good deal so please message me!
  19. MotoMagz

    Ultra lite billet flywheel ARC Predator Hemi

    I have Less than 30 miles on it. I will trade for a nice straight billet flywheel for a Hemi or Sell this for $100 shipped save ya $30 some bucks...... also I have a motorized bicycle so I don't post a lot here. But I get all my technical info here! Ultra-Light SFI Certified Billet Aluminum...
  20. D

    predator hemi rods

    im looking to replace the rod in my predator, its a stock hemi. was looking at rods, what kind of clearence do we have in these engines? i see they sell a .020 and .040 longer rod, would those work in a stock block/head? whats longest i can go?