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Bonanza roller, ready to roll - $400
But WAIT!!

Need an engine, too?

Not to worry, my friend. I'll also hook you up with a complimentary freshly painted and stickered 2hp flathead I myself have seen run (just to get you started). Tho I'm not hooking it up FOR you.
---Briggs 2hp PowerKraft tiller motor with rusted pulley ... $FREE

Option 1a:
Ya say you want to upgrade that engine already? Just $50 will get you a big boy motor! Take your pick... Yes, that's a genuine Honda GX160 (with a little rust in the tank); I have not run it, for obvious reasons (but you're handy, right?).

---Honda GX160 ... $50

Option 1b:
Or how about a genuine Tecumseh H50? The tank is clean, and that's all I know about it.

---5HP Tecumseh H50 ... $50

Both would be excellent choices for any hobbyist wanting a more aggressive Bonanza. :scooter:

And why stop there when you're just a few more accessories short of real comfort?

Option 2:
Rest easy on an authentic NOS mini bike seat. The white vinyl trim is even a little aged from hanging all those years behind the counter at the kart shop. Still, the vinyl and foam are supple and resilient. It's a mystery!
---Old-school mini bike seat ... $25

Option 3:
Take control with a brand new Harley-style twist throttle and some high quality off-brand kung fu grips. Pay only $15 for the preassembled combo, or just $10 for the throttle only, or $10 for grips only. (See how that works?)

Psst, ya wanna make some real money? Pull those old steel suspension tubes off the back and sell 'em on eBay for some ridiculous price.

Option 4:
...and then give me $20 for these slick replacement shocks! They are on the slender side (I understand they're meant for a smaller ATV front end) and should be a great size for that tight set rear swing arm. $15. (Or did I say $20?) Well, they're cheap anyway...

So if you like any or all of the above, give me a jingle. I love this hobby, and I shouldn't be hogging all the good projects. And this one is practically all there for somebody.

It's a solid frame. But one caveat is the front fork's bottom bolt hole is a bit worn, and not a perfect circle. Welding a washer in place will renew that hole size perfectly (but I'm not a good welder, so that's on you).

If this'll be your first bike, welcome to the hobby, gimme a call and I'll hook you up. If you already know what you're doing, and know what you want, hit me up.

In a perfect world, you would pick it all up in southwest Chicagoland, tho I won't rule out shipping on your dime.

Thanks for reading.

- Mike


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Luxury and power options.


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