Pull Start Assembly Broke, looking for options

My engine has the square piece that sticks off of the flywheel. Haven't been able to find a new part when looking. My tin is still good, just the plastic piece that connects split. Not too keen on the idea of spending $30+ on a whole tin when I don't need the whole tin.

Tried to 3D print a drill start piece, but it shattered on me. Making a new one, but the plan is to house it in a metal pipe so hopefully it doesn't explode on me again.

My cover looks like this one http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-5...0001&campid=5335845805&icep_item=113909968074
Wetzeb; Check out the link I posted below. It's for an outfit calling them selves "Jack's small engines", and it should display a page of drawings for an 8-horse, B&S, horizontal shaft engine from an older Coleman generator. I recently bought both the starter clutch, and the rope pulley in order to revive a generator. I can't guarantee that the square drive is correct for yours, but it might be a place to start looking.



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You got a fathead 5 ?
Keep you're eye on your classifieds adds..
Buy a older broken tiller 20 bucks or less...
Older the better 67 and older Briggs had this white plastic starter wheel made out of a steel material...1967 or older...
E bay my friend , there thirty bucks. I had the same problem, my Grandson pulled the cord with the motor running and the pull starter grenade on me. Anyway that's where I had to go. Hope that helps.