Putt-Nik Leo Project Value?

Considering selling one of my projects. Putt-Nik Leo

Super cool I’m just not going to get around to it anytime soon due to other karts I’m working on, a 63 Lancer (original minus motor) and a Robron Won’t be terribly upset if she lays against the wall though for the next 10 years. Believe the motor is an Onan but haven’t really looked to hard to see exactly what it is. Probably should lol.

Any help on value would be great. Yes I know it’s worth what someone will pay…

E420B6D0-9F83-4A3A-BECD-1FF79F92E978.jpeg 589EAF57-311A-4CB3-BFD9-D2BAD6EE3851.jpeg 5B3BABA6-65C5-4965-9C85-9EBE5A7CD482.jpeg 99B32654-AD36-4625-BBCD-0749B8F30C0A.jpeg
i really like this kart.

those flexo jackshaft tabs are cool looking on this one.

i would definitely be interested in those rear wheels hubs and sprocket if you were selling those items :)