Raptor 2 ridability

Does anyone have experience riding a mini with a stock raptor 2 motor, I'm considering buying one but I want to make sure it isn't going to be a bad mannered stallion, Any thoughts?:scared: By the way, It's going on a Manco Trailcat( not the big tire style) Also, Tav vs. centrifugul ?
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No bad manners there! They are nice running little engines! Slap a header on, gas, and go! (some oil is good too!) The Tec guys will follow behind!
Sure, the Raptor will REV higher, resulting n a higher SPEED due to the absence of a governor, but that is easily controlable by the rider by judicious use of the throttle. Maximum HP on the stock Raptor is around 6 HP at 4,500 rpms. Maximum TORQUE on the other hand is about the same on the stock Raptor vs. the regular Briggs 5 HP, maxing out at about 8.0 ft. lbs at approx. 3,000 rpm. for both engines. I interpreted the OP's comment/description of "a bad mannered stallion" as being a concern that the Raptor will be hard to control or otherwise have "explosive" power, which it will not. My son has a Raptor 3 on his Bonanza 1300 with relatively "mild" mods that he did (cam, valve springs, slightly shaved head, porting/polishing, performance air filter and header) that is still easily controlable.