Ratbike's "Twin Engine Super Trike"


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I can't wait to see this one done.
Those that haven't been around long haven't had the pleasure of seeing the talent you have.
Build on brotha!:thumbsup:
They might crack as cold as it is outside!!!:shrug: My garage is still FREEZING even with a propane heater!!!:confused:
I hear you on that one RatBike, I attempted to start on mine but I feel like the fat kid from Christmas story that couldn't put his arms to his side once he had his winter coat on. I just can't work in these conditions, this weekend is supposed to get back up to the upper 20's as sad as it is to state that.


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Mock up

10 degrees today...warm enough!!! :pimp: Simple mock up...will need to leave room for the after market air cleaner by right rear tire.